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Guidelines and Application





Background Information


Arthur Jordan was an Indianapolis businessman in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  His first venture was a butter, poultry and egg business that grew to more than fifty packing and cold storage plants in Indiana and Illinois.  After selling the business in 1903, his ventures also included life insurance, manufacturing and retailing.

Arthur Jordan was also a philanthropist and founded the Arthur Jordan Foundation on December 24, 1928.  Mr. Jordan served as chairman until his death in 1934.  The foundation operates with a board of seven trustees selected from the Indianapolis community.





Thank you for your interest in the Arthur Jordan Foundation.  The following information will direct you to determine whether your organization will qualify for funds. Historically the Foundation has supported the President Benjamin Harrison Home as well as projects in the fields of fine arts and higher education, however grants are not confined to those specific areas.

Generally, grants are confined to organizations located in Marion County, Indiana, which have received tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.  Requests are due in our office no later than March 1 of each year.   The Board of Trustees reviews proposals in May. Applicants are notified of the Board's decision within thirty days of the May board meeting.

A concise one or two page letter describing your organization and how the funds will be used is the preferred narrative.  Your request should include identification of other companies or foundation supporting your organization and their level of participation. The Trustees are also interested in the percent of the budget your organization is seeking. Personal interviews are not necessary.






Requests should include

            the enclosed Proposal Cover Sheet

            a concise one or two page letter which describes the organization and the purpose for which the funds will be used

            a list of the Board of Directors and Officers

            a copy of the organization's IRS tax exemption letter

            a current organization budget and project budget (if funds are for a special project)

            the balance sheet and income and expense statement for the most recently completed fiscal year.  (A copy of your most recent audited statement is welcome.)

            Amount requested



Funding categories*

            General operating support**

            Capital Campaigns

            Equipment requests

 *Multi year requests are not encouraged

**United Way agencies are limited to capital campaign or equipment support


Projects which do not qualify for funding

            Grants to individuals

            Start up or seed money

            Medical research or medical causes



            Organizations outside Marion County, Indiana

            Political parties or candidates

            Lobbying organizations

            Primary or secondary educational institutions

            Grants to other philanthropies


Cover Sheet